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Why investing in a luxury home is a good move

Major cities of Colorado have been seeing a spike in buyer interest for luxury homes in recent times, especially starting 2020. In a report in The Denver Post, market experts point to the pandemic as the primary reason behind this heightene...

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Tips for effective negotiation when selling a home

After going through the entire marketing phase of your home-selling journey, now, the offers are coming in. Here’s where the most challenging part of the process comes in – the negotiation phase. You can ace this one! Just read this gui...

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Do apartments make good investments

Do apartments make good investments?

It has been said that 90% of millionaires grew their wealth from real estate investments – and seasoned investors agree. Multi-family properties, popularly known as apartments, have all the potential to be a lucrative business and source ...

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Buying a home remotely

Whether done remotely or via traditional means, buying a home requires a lot of planning and research even before you begin your search. Admittedly, the process involves a substantial amount of funding, as well as a personal lifestyle check...

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Top 7 things to do in Lafayette, CO

There’s never a dull day in Lafayette, a lovely city on the southeastern side of Boulder County, Colorado. If you’re up for a food trip, in search of rare decorative finds, or in touch with nature, you’ll find your kind of activity he...

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Applying for a mortgage in the time of a pandemic

Much has changed in the lending industry especially in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Prior to this, applying for a mortgage basically required a credit score of at least 647 (from the Feds’ Q1 November 2019 report), as well as the bas...

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longs peak lake reflection Longmont CO

Five Best things to do in Longmont, CO

A stop-worthy destination located within Boulder and Weld Counties, Longmont, CO is home to a distinct mix of arts, dining and outdoor attractions. Charming with a thriving downtown, and the perfect spot to enjoy the Rocky Mountain State, Longm...

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