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Longmont Real Estate Trends, Forecast & Predictions 2021

It goes without saying that plenty of things have changed or have at least been affected in the interim thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate has been no exception, with the health risk and the associated stay-at-home orders putting a ha...

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How the Pandemic is Changing Home Appraisal

A home appraisal is one of the foundations of home buying. With it, we ensure that the buyer pays the fair price for the property, steering us clear from potential losses. However, this part of the process could be as tedious as it is cruci...

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Can Try

Do you feel like your room is a little boring or lacking personality? It can be so after seeing pictures online and in magazines of newly-decorated, thematic bedrooms. However, you might not have time to create and organize your room, or maybe ...

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Safely re-welcome guests to your home this pandemic

COVID-19 restrictions have begun easing in most parts of the United States. Some cities even now allow small private gatherings. For people who love hosting and throwing parties, this progress is most welcome. As of the time of writing,...

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