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Why investing in a luxury home is a good move

Major cities of Colorado have been seeing a spike in buyer interest for luxury homes in recent times, especially starting 2020. In a report in The Denver Post, market experts point to the pandemic as the primary reason behind this heightened interest as more people are looking for wider spaces and more resort-like surroundings that can complement their remote work setup. High-end homes in more obscure Denver neighborhoods like Curtis Park and Sunnyside are now getting as much attention as those in Cherry Creek and Greenwood Village.

Why the sudden focus on luxury real estate, especially in Colorado? Apart from the pandemic-related factors, there’s also the advantages of lower property taxes and luxury homes at more reasonable prices than those in mega-cities like New York City and Los Angeles.

The soaring demand for luxury real estate in the Cotton State is proof that this property type is an investment worth adding to your asset portfolio. But why a luxury home instead of the standard single-family home? Because of the following:

More profits

Luxury homes can help you earn sizable profits through these two ideas:

  • Mansion-flipping. You can buy a mansion at a bargain then remodel it and sell it at a higher price. The advantage of purchasing a luxury home over the standard single-family home is that the former is usually more well-maintained and, thus, will require not too much tweaking before being put up for sale. Plus, the good news is that since the luxury real estate market is a niche market, competition is scarce.
  • Turning your luxury home into a high-end vacation rental. With endless opportunities for fun activities all year round in Colorado amid the backdrop of the Rockies, you’re sure to make a windfall of profits with your classy vacation rental.

The comfort and convenience

A luxury home can be considered a single-family home – but on a grander scale. This means that you’ll still have the regular amenities and features’ usually find in the standard residence but these could be bigger, newer, or there’s more of them. Then there are the special amenities that truly define what it is to live in luxury: walk-in closets, a family entertainment center, a pool, an outdoor kitchen, and an efficient system of appliances, fixtures, and amenities controlled by a central control. All these are there with your comfort and convenience in mind.

The safety

Many luxury homes in Colorado are either part of an exclusive gated community or are in solitary spots in the hills away from public scrutiny. These secure locations provide the solemnity and peace of mind that you crave at the end of every workday.

Apart from the location, the home is usually fortified with the most modern security systems from cameras to sensors. There may also be early warning devices like overhead sprinkler systems or perimeter alarms.

The lifestyle

When you buy a luxury home, you’re not just buying the house itself but also the lifestyle and prestige that come with it. You have made it to the pinnacle of your career – this home should be a testament to your shining glory!

There’s everything to gain when you decide to invest in a luxury home in Colorado. And since luxury homes are not as easy to find in your regular online listings, you will need real estate experts with expertise in this niche market. That’s where the Noel & Martinez Team comes in. Contact us to start your own journey toward luxury homeownership.

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