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Buying a home remotely

Buying a home remotely

Whether done remotely or via traditional means, buying a home requires a lot of planning and research even before you begin your search. Admittedly, the process involves a substantial amount of funding, as well as a personal lifestyle check. See to it that the following are in order before you proceed:

  • A mortgage pre-approval
  • Good credit standing
  • The knowledge of how much house you can afford
  • The right real estate agent

Taking on the remote home-buying challenge

Once you’re certain that your financing sources will remain stable whether you’re buying a home from within your state or in another, you can proceed to the actual home search. The challenge here isn’t simply about distance and not being able to see a house you’re considering in person — it’s also about finding someone who can serve as an extension of your senses as you look at the house you fancy through virtual means.

It is for this reason that you need a real estate agent with the skills and experience in completing remote home purchases successfully. Otherwise, the home you may end up with may not live up to your expectations.

The right agent for the job

The agent you need to work with to ensure success in your remote home-buying endeavor should possess the following qualities:

* Works in your preferred location. If you have your eye on any of the beautiful communities in Colorado, then it’s best to get a native of the place for an agent. They’ll have inside information on real estate-related developments here, as well as a good feel of the market climate.

* Has experience buying and selling properties remotely. They know the process of remote home-buying like the back of their hand and will use this expertise in helping you from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

* Will always make themselves available to you. This is important, especially if you and the agent are working in different regions and timelines. You need to work with an agent who can communicate with you even during odd hours of the day. This person will keep you updated on developments even without you having to follow up with them.

Points to consider when buying a home remotely

Virtual or 3D tours tell you more about a home than pictures. Your agent should be capable of giving you virtual walkthroughs or 3D tours of a home you’re considering as these provide a better perspective than pictures. Moreover, for interactive virtual tours, you have the chance to ask the agent questions and request more details of certain aspects of the home.

Home costs and regulations are not uniform. A house in a remote suburb will cost less than one in a master-planned community situated close to the commercial district. Moreover, certain ordinances in one area may be distinct from those in another area. Your agent should be able to inform you about these nuances.

Even closing should be done remotely. A transaction such as this should be able to conclude without requiring both buyer and seller to be in the same place at the same time. E-signatures should be applied to documentation for all the convenience and legitimacy they bring to this final leg of the remote home-buying process.

In Colorado, buying a home remotely becomes stress-free with the Noel & Martinez Team. Contact us here to know more.

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