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Home maintenance essentials to preserve your property’s value

Home maintenance isn’t simply about keeping things neat, tidy, and in perfect working condition. Done on a regular basis, it also means having a home that has not diminished in value and remains attractive to prospective buyers if put on sale.

Listed below are several maintenance tips that your home will need to retain its value and to bring peace of mind to you and your family during the time that you spend here:

Water-related issues

Any kind of issue related to water or moisture often leads to more serious problems if left unchecked. That’s why it’s recommended to do the following:

  • Clear drains of clogs. A slow drain flow is an indication of a clog building up. Before this mass totally clogs your drain, poke it out using a tool specifically designed to take out clogs. This is a better alternative than corrosive drain cleaners.
  • Keep track of your water consumption. Noticed a sudden jump in your water bill despite normal use? You might have a busted pipe somewhere in your plumbing. Have your pipes checked by a professional plumber and get those leaks sealed.

House exterior issues

Imagine owning a house with the loveliest interiors – but with exteriors that are barely worth a look. It may not necessarily be messy or in several stages of disrepair but instead, it’s simply bare. Keep that curb appeal…well, appealing with these tricks:

  • Do a repainting job. You can start with your main door by giving it a nice bold color to make it stand out. Then painting the exterior walls in a popular neutral color like greige will bring more interest toward your home.
  • Check downspouts and gutters. Debris like dead leaves, stones, or mud can accumulate and clog these artificial water channels. They may also have become broken or detached. Either way, water will end up trickling down your home instead of away from it. This can create problems from mold to structural damage. Have these repaired at the slightest sign of damage and clean regularly.

House interior issues

Your home is your sanctuary. The moment something inside your home bothers you or makes your life difficult, you lose your peace of mind. Moreover, this could shave off a substantial chunk from your home’s value. See if you have these nagging issues in your interiors and know what you can do:

  • Critter woes. On top of downgrading your home’s value, unwanted flying or furry visitors can also bring with them harmful pathogens and contaminate your food and belongings. Check for cracks or openings in your walls, windows and roof that they are using as entrances and seal these as best as you could. And, to ward them off for good, call professional pest control experts to do the job.
  • Shocking problems. One of the leading causes of house fires is faulty electrical wiring. That’s why making sure your electrical system is in optimal working condition is of prime importance, not just for home value but also for your family’s protection. Have a professional electrician look into your wiring and outlets on a yearly basis for a health check.

Need more advice on house upkeep for better home value? The Noel & Martinez Team is your best resource for ideal home maintenance and other real estate concerns in Longmont and the rest of Colorado. Contact us here and let’s talk.

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