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Discover Denver’s Architectural Icons

Denver Skyline

Best of Denver’s Architecture… 

One of the best things about living in Denver, CO is being surrounded by an astonishing array of architectural masterpieces. From a city hall adorned with the most valuable materials, to a castle-turned-bed and breakfast, to a 40-foot-tall bear peering into a convention center, remarkable designs abound.

Here are six must-see highlights around the Mile High City:

1. Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol

This Greek and Corinthian Order-styled building pays homage to Colorado’s historic gold rush era with more than 200 ounces of 24-karat gilded gold adding a distinctive sheen to its dome.

Believe it or not, the precious metal is only the second most impressive feature of this iconic building. Inside, the wainscoting is made of rare Colorado rose onyx. This rose marble can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

2. The Frederick C. Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is a massive complex that houses 65,000 works of art in 356,000 square feet of exhibition space. But you don’t even have to be inside a building to appreciate one of its most fascinating visual treats.

Inspired by the majestic silhouette of the Rocky Mountain range, the Frederick C. Hamilton Building commands the area with bold and jagged angles rarely seen in conventional structures. The building is made with 9,000 titanium panels that refract light such that it appears rose-colored in the morning and golden as the sun sets.

3. Castle Marne

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a castle, this beautifully preserved Richardsonian Romanesque castle will make it happen. Located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, Castle Marne dates back to 1869. It is now a popular bed and breakfast that you can book for overnight stays.

The castle boasts of Impressionist-style stained glass windows and hand-carved fireplaces. To form the external walls, lava stone was extracted from quarry sites in Castle Rock, CO to create a powerful yet unique exterior.

4. Colorado Convention Center

Colorado Convention Center

This enormous events venue redefined the Denver skyline when it opened in 2004. A roof-line stretching 660 feet – enough to cover nine city blocks in downtown Denver – will surely do that.

But what truly makes the Colorado Convention Center one of Denver’s best-known attractions is the 40-foot-tall blue bear that appears to curiously peer into the building’s halls from the outside. Formally named “I See What You Mean,” the sculpture brings the spirit of Colorado’s famed wilderness areas like the Rockies and the Flatirons to the heart of the city in larger than life fashion.

5. Denver Public Library

Since opening in 1889, the city library has been a beloved local treasure. It was renovated and modernized in 1995 to accommodate its growing selection of more than 5 million books.

A variety of architects – including archetypal architect Michael Graves and Burnham Hoyt, the designer of Colorado’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater – worked on the design of this post-modern icon. This is why the Denver Public Library today features an eclectic mix of architectural influences. From the classical-style buttresses to multicolored towers resembling the skyscrapers of the Denver skyline, its beauty is hard to overlook.

6. The Cash Register Building (Wells Fargo Center)

Wells Fargo Center

Built in 1983 and refreshed in 2006, Wells Fargo Center has become one of the most recognizable silhouettes in downtown Denver’s skyline.

This skyscraper earned its unofficial name, “The Cash Register Building,” because of its distinctive and innovative roof design conceptualized by the same architects behind the Sony Building in New York, the Crystal Cathedral in California and the Glass House in Connecticut.

This 52-story building stands 698 feet which makes it Denver’s third tallest building. However, its rooftop reaches the highest peak in town because the tower itself stands on a hill. It’s not only a feat of design, but one of purposeful grandeur, serving as home for dozens of businesses and tenants.



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